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Learn about your data before your ML model does.
Trusted by world-class computer vision teams.
Trusted by some of the sharpest minds in computer vision:

Find data gaps to fill, and data bugs to fix, lightning fast.

To train better, more accurate ML models, you need the right data. However, when you’re working with enormous data lakes, finding the right data can be difficult, time consuming, and costly.

SceneBox is a data management platform built by engineers, for engineers. With data at their fingertips, SceneBox empowers teams to explore datasets rapidly, diagnose data problems, compare datasets, train better models, and reduce time-to-market.

Search any kind of data.

Index any kind of sensor data, in any format, with any metadata schema, from any cloud, without moving them.

Extract the right data.

Our feature-rich GUI and tooling helps you find and curate the data you need, such as corner cases and failure modes.

Debug your data.

Find bugs in your labelled data, discover bias in your datasets, and surface failure modes of your models - then fix them with the right data.

Understand your data like never before.

Every dataset has a story. SceneBox tells this story by uncovering bias, visualizing statistics, exploring embedding spaces, and more.

Keep your assets secure.

As an overlay service, SceneBox does not require you to upload your data or change its residency. To meet the most stringent security requirements, SceneBox Enterprise can be deployed on-prem or VPC.

Integrate far and wide.

Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with labeling providers and bring SceneBox workflows into your data pipelines with our rich Python/REST interfaces.

Data Discovery

Bring structure to your unstructured datasets, then sift through them for valuable data.
Explore visually or programmatically with our rich GUI and APIs
Leverage ML embeddings for clustering, similarity search, and more
Ingest any data, regardless of schema or format
Synchronize multi-modal time-based data
Build and share interactive dashboards

Data Operations

Streamline your data pipeline with beautiful automations and powerful operations.
Out-of-the-box labeler integrations and hosted CVAT for in-house labeling
Compare annotations and establish labeling consensus
Automatically enrich data (e.g. GPS + time = weather, city, etc.)
Collaborate with your team, add comments, share insights, and more

Diagnosis & Remedy

Root out failure modes, visualize patterns, and fix errors to improve your models.
Compare model predictions against ground truth, model vs. model, and more
Use similarity search to find more examples of corner-case data
Debug annotations and data discrepancies
Compare labels to establish true ground truth

Integrations & Deployment 

Minimize your integration efforts with flexible deployment options and rich APIs.
Choose between SaaS or on-prem/VPC deployment
Overlay SceneBox on your existing data lakes from any cloud provider (AWS, Azure, or GCS, and more)
Integrate custom API endpoints with your services and workflows via Python and REST
$ pip install scenebox
>> from scenebox import SceneEngineClient
>> sec=SceneEngineClient("my_token")
>> sec.add_image("s3://my-bucket/...")
>> sec.search_assets("images", filters=...)

“SceneBox takes the pain out of data management by giving Betterview a simple and intuitive interface to work with.”

Julius Simonelli
Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Betterview

"Each time I use SceneBox, I remark at the polished UI, and how seamless the interaction with the backend database feels."

Roger Donaldson, Ph.D.
Principal Research Scientist, Motorola Solutions

Bring data to your fingertips with SceneBox today.