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Built by engineers and researchers from top-notch backgrounds.

Our team has experience from working with:
Caliber Data Labs, the team behind SceneBox, was founded by Yaser Khalighi, Ph.D. to help machine learning engineers spend more time building models, and less time wrangling data.

Machine learning engineers aren’t data engineers, and they aren’t always equipped with the best tool sets to make sense of their vast quantities of data.
SceneBox is a data management and operations platform built specifically for computer vision, enabling engineers to find, curate, diagnose, and remedy their data - faster than ever before.

Today, SceneBox is being used by some of the sharpest minds in computer vision, and is fundamentally changing the way perception data is managed at a global scale.

At core, we believe in

Users are royalty.
We prioritize users above all.
When we get stuck, we ask the users what would be most helpful to them.
The highest caliber.
We empower our users with high-caliber products. We hold ourselves to the highest degree of excellence to build them.
Learn fast and iterate.
When working with emerging technologies, we bring agility, flexibility, iterative learning to our practice.

Investors and partners

SceneBox is proud to work alongside some of the brightest minds in technology, software, funding, and innovation.

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