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SceneBox is now open to all!

SceneBox provides machine learning (ML) engineers with a quick way to search, organize, and curate massive computer vision datasets. In addition, it enables them to measure the performance of their machine learning (ML) models, and fix the problem by providing the right data. We equip our customers with the same data-centric arsenal that gives AI forerunners like Tesla, Cruise, and NVIDIA their superpowers.
Product Updates
December 15, 2021
SceneBox is now open to all!

Search. Curate. Remedy. Repeat.

Since 2019, our team has been working hard to build SceneBox, the ML DataOps platform for computer vision. Today, we are pleased to announce that SceneBox is now open to all. We would like to welcome you to try SceneBox with a few perception datasets. These public datasets are selected to span various computer vision applications:

These use-cases show SceneBox's rich features and its flexibility to manage data from simple images datasets to complex multi-sensor spatiotemporal data that includes multiple videos, lidars, timeseries, etc.

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To learn more about SceneBox’s features, please check out our website. If you have any questions or you want to see your data on SceneBox, feel free to talk to us!

p.s. we are hiring!

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